How Can You Get Dependable Reroofing Service in Oklahoma City, OK?

How Can You Get Dependable Reroofing Service in Oklahoma City, OK?

Hire Landmark Roofing today

Is it time to replace your home’s roof? You’ve come to the right place! Landmark Roofing OK, LLC uses the best materials to replace your home’s roof. Once you call us, you can expect us to follow the below process. We’ll:

  • Come inspect your roof
  • Measure it and give you a quote on-site if it’s damaged
  • Print out the roofing design using our custom computer program
  • Discuss your design with you and go over materials we’ll use
  • Select the roof type and color that suits your needs
  • Assist with the roofing insurance process, including filing and sending invoices
  • Review what to expect on the day of your project
  • Provide you with a safety checklist to protect your children and pets during the process
  • Finish your project in one day
  • Clean up once we’re done

We’ll even provide samples of the colors and materials so you know exactly what you’re getting. If you’d like a better visual, we’ll gather a bundle of shingles and lay them out for you to make sure you’re happy with your choice. There are no surprises with us. And you don’t pay until we’re done.

Call 405-403-1007 for a free consultation on your residential reroofing job in Oklahoma City, OK.

Don’t worry about your property getting damaged

During the reroofing process, the Landmark Roofing team will be sure to respect your home and make sure nothing gets damaged. There won’t be a single nail left once we’re finished. Count on us to leave your yard cleaner than it was when we started!

Schedule an appointment for a residential reroof in Oklahoma City, OK by calling us today.